2017 Frazier Mountain Rally
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18:55   It's a wrap!
And that's it for the 2017 Frazier Mountain Rally. The last car has left the stage and now we have to go pick up the signs and stakes. Looking forward to a cold beverage at the Falcons Nest, Frazier. Come on down and meet everyone and share in the fun. A huge thank you to the organizers, EMTs, volunteers, and rangers that made this fantastic event possible.   Marco M.
18:51   Utv 135 finishes
Brent was quoted as saying "He appreciates everybody's effort"   Marco M.
18:48   Car 301 actually made it without a flat
Way to go Tony! That's the happiest we've seen him all day in his Golf   Marco M.
18:47   Happy down under
Marie is happy to report that she brought her new driver home in one piece with four successful forest stages and a last time of 13:38 for ss4. Congrats Ernie!   Marco M.
18:41   Deja Vu
Car 352 crossed the line saying "I wish we could do it 2 more times"   Marco M.
18:40   Car 313 crosses the line
....with his brakes on fire! Someone's been trying hard.   Marco M.
18:39   Palermo matches Tullio to the hundredth
Palermo matched Tullio time identically of 12:77 in his little Nissan Sentra. Current unofficial standings put Tullio ahead by a mere 0.01 sec   Marco M.
18:36   Brian Tullio and Andres Bautista finish FMR
The Mazda 323 of Tullio/Bautista has successfully completed the final leg with an unofficial time of 12:77   Marco M.
18:33   Cars 326 and 416 have finished
Both cars completed the final leg of the rally with 416 posting the faster unofficial time of the two   Marco M.
18:29   UTV #166 has crossed the line
The utv of Cain Snead and Michael Henderson said "they had a blast"   Marco M.
18:26   Hot off the press
Unofficial timing indicates that Stefan Verdier has beaten out Rhys Millen by a smudge over 6 seconds in the utv class.   Marco M.
18:23   I have seen the light
Crews are reporting that they are having to drive one handed down the hill as the sun is directly in their eyes and they need to use the other hand to shield their view.   Marco M.
17:59   SS4
The cars and utvs are readying for the off at the top of the mountain. Temperature has started to drop so it should be easier on the motors.   Marco M.
17:45   Utv 135 has arrived at ss3 finish
....Brent reports that he loved the stage. I think he's hooked!   Marco M.
17:39   830 finishes ss3
"Words fail us" - Marie. Someone has again from ear to ear so she must be having fun in the Subaru. Marie said he's now trusting the notes she's calling as he's managed to drop a whole minute!   Marco M.
17:35   3 stages , 3 flats. Chavez is on a roll
Car 301 just pulled into the ss3 finish with yet another flat. How does he do it???   Marco M.
17:33   Cars 227 313 352 247 have arrived at ss3 finish
Palermo reports having a great time and enjoying the event. They managed to shave about 41 seconds off their ss1 time. They may now be at the head of the 2wd pack. Eliza in the 352 Scion xD said she's having the time of her life. Car 247 reports a check engine light but otherwise running well.   Marco M.
Cars 326, 416 and 258 have arrived at finish ss3. Brian Tullio reports he managed to shave another 30 seconds off his ss1 time, is currently leading the 2wd sector and is having a blast.   Marco M.
17:18   UTV report
Car 219 said he went smoother but not much slower. Stefan was saying he could do with a few more horsepower to keep up with Rhys. Rhys's utv 234 went really well - beating the time up the hill for his current ftd. He explained how some car fine tuning paid dividends. In the first mile he was paying too much attention to his clocks and ran off the road. He kept it together to post his awesome time. Utv 991 reports that they are having a blast. Tire wear on the utvs has been a concern. Utv 166 said their just trucking along trying their best to avoid some sharp rocks.   Marco M.
17:08   UTVs are at the top
Sounds like these guys are having fun. A couple of them managed to blow a corner or two which means they are pushing hard. Full report to follow.   Marco M.
17:01   Christiansens out
Their engine had stopped on stage because of a loose intake boot - an easy fix. However while back in service they found that they'd broken their transmission mount. Rather than risk further damage, they have elected to withdraw.   Paula G.
16:58   lifes good
I'm sitting in the sun as I hear a utv claw its way up the mountain, echoing through the trees like an angry animal. It gives me goosebumps. They will be here shortly so standby as we update you live from stage 3 finish.   Marco M.
16:52   FMR claims a few
Unfortunately last years winner #76 John Coyne and Doug Nagy failed to start this years event as they experienced turbo issues and never really made it out of the service area. Similarly the #373 car of Sam Tarabay and Kareem Abi Faker never started the event due to turbo problems also. The #135 utvs of Brent Hercelinsky and Brock Palmer overheated on the way up the hill in stage 1. They managed to get a tow back down from the sweep vehicle and I believe are attempting stages 3 and 4 after some TLC from their service crew.   Marco M.
16:50   Brent Hercelinski hopes to fun run
The Polaris RZR Turbo of Brent Hercelinsky / Brock Palmer overheated their engine and their brakes on the first stage and were towed back to service. They have done repairs and hope to fun run stages 3 and 4 at the back of the pack.   Paula G.
16:21   It's service time
All vehicles competing in the Frazier Mountain Rally are currently undergoing service. Stage is set to go live again at approx 5:18 for the start of stage 3.   Marco M.
15:41   How the pack got reshuffled at the top
Well the utvs were first out of the blocks on the way back down the hill. Their start order was: 219, 234, 166 and 991. The cars were along soon after in the following order: 326, 416, 227, 258, 247, 872, 352, 301, 313, 830. Yes I know this stuff is boring if you're sat at home but the service crews also watch this feed.   Marco M.
15:37   Christiansen coasts
Eric and Amy had their engine stop and finished the last mile of stage 2 coasting the whole way to the finish. In the process they passed a car 301 Tony Chavez with his hazard lights on. At the stop control they open the hood and filled with the car for a couple of minutes and left under their own power.   Mike G.
15:22   The last car has left the top of the mountain
So its now all quiet at the top. Time to stretch out and sunbathe or hone my cornhole skills. Everybody seemed to enjoy the drive up, even the guys experiencing technical difficulties. It's a lot faster on the way down - gravity can be a cruel mistress to some and those trees don't get out of the way. Thankfully no-one had the misfortune of tangling with any trees on the way up (to the best of my knowledge) There's nothing like a 3 ft wide redwood trunk to make you lift off the throttle. But that's what it's all about - who dares wins and this event has them grinning from ear to ear. Maybe FMR's motto should be "Who dares, grins"   Marco M.
15:21   Hot rotors for Car 258
The finish scoring team reports that Brian Tullio's brake rotors would have been bright red if it had been night!   Paula G.
15:01   Stage 2 is live and well underway
All UTVs have headed down the hill to tackle stage 2 of the FMR. Half have the cars have started and are on their way. Currently we have listed cars 76 and 373 and UTV 136 as current DNFs   Marco M.
14:34   So yeah..... about that cornhole
Well it was either organize a cornhole championship or report the stats here. I chose the latter but next time.... Currently the drivers and co drivers are all sheltering in the shade of the trees. Car 0 has not long left as they all start back to the cars and utv's. It's like a scene from an old Le Mans start.   Marco M.
14:30   The UTVs have arrived in force!
OK these guys mean business! UTV 234 reports that they are posting times over a minute faster than the rally cars. The Millen/Beavis utv was on top form and Rhys was in his element in the forest. UTV 219 of Verdier/Murray was also on a charge with Preston saying he was having trouble keeping up with the notes at several points. It was the first time in the forest for UTV 166 of Smead and Henderson. Cain said "I'm loving it". UTV 991 Hill/Sacks had some braking concerns so was planning on going a little easier on the way back down the hill. No sign of the #135 utv of Hercelinsky/Palmer at the finish yet. Seems like a new dawn has arrived.   Marco M.
14:12   Car 301 at finish after a flat
Chavez/Salas reported that they hit a rock and got a flat. They managed to change it on the stage and get to the finish in time.   Marco M.
14:10   Car 872 finally crosses the line
The first car off the line, The 872 Golf of Christiansen/Floyd has eventually made it to the end of the stage. Erik reported that they stopped initially with a dislodged intake boot then again later in the stage with throttle cable issues. They fixed it by tying a knot in the cable! Lets hear it for necessity being the mother of all invention...   Marco M.
14:07   Car 352 is happily at the finish
The Coleman/Gelsomino car reported the stage as a bit loose but otherwise had a good clear run.   Marco M.
14:05   Tullio: "Awesome!"
Brian loves his new car and it was good to see he managed to keep all four wheels on it this time. He stated he was almost 2 minutes faster this year than last year.... now THATS progress!   Marco M.
14:02   Car 830 is rockin' it
Marie reports that she didn't miss any corners this year (!) - thats a plus for her driver Ernie as he seems like he's chomping at the bit.   Marco M.
13:49   Coyne/Nagy must withdraw with turbo problems
The team that won last year's inaugural Frazier Mountain Rally, John Coyne and Doug Nagy in a Subaru Impreza, have been forced to withdraw with no turbo boost. They are still in the service area and may be able to "fun run" stages 3 and 4 if they get the problem fixed.   Paula G.
13:48   Cars coming in thick and fast!
Car 247 reports he had a great run but "Dran, some of those trees look BIG" Car 227 Had a lot to say. Was surprised how twisty and technical the stage was."There aren't ant straights!" He exclaimed. "You really had to think about the drive" Car 313 Just pulled in with nothing to report but with hot hot HOT brakes!   Marco M.
13:37   Car 416 arrives at ss1 finish
Even bigger grins from these guys! Deke Williams and Timbrey Lind said there were no major issues but had to lift a few times to avoid that "fast approaching tree". Thats what FMR is all about!   Marco M.
13:35   Car 326 arrives ast ss1 finish
Car 326 Flynn Baglin and Vincent D'Angelo arrived at the finish with big grins and the first car to the top!   Marco M.
13:29   Car 373, Tarabay/Abi Fakar forced to withdraw
Car 373 has had to return to the service area with no power. Hopefully he can rejoin the rally and "fun run" for stages 3 and 4.   Paula G.
13:28   Crar 872 Christiansen/Floyd stopped on Stage 1
Will report more information as we get it but apparently the first car has stopped on the stage. Reason unkown   Marco M.
13:27   Like anyone cares about the weather
Last year it was freezing on top of this hill, this year it's beach weather so service, if you are reading this, make sure your teams have a hat and sunblock in the car. With a bit of luck the wind will pick up and dust wont be an issue. First car 872 Erik Christiansen/Amy Floyd has apparently stopped on stage.   Marco M.
13:18   Cornhole will also be coming to you live
So who's great idea was it to put a Welshman in charge of reporting the cornhole scores? I've never played in my life and apologize ahead of time....   Marco M.
13:16   WE ARE GO!!!!!
Both cars 00 and 0 have safely arrived at the finish and report that the stage is now live. The 2017 Frazier Mountain Rally is LIVE.   Marco M.
13:16   First car starts the Frazier Mountain Rally!
The first car on the road today, Flynn Baglin and /Vincent Dangelo's Subaru WRX, started Stage 1 at 1:14 PM.   Paula G.
13:07   Side by Sides will caravan to and from service are
The Forest Service is allowing the UTVs to proceed up the hill in a group (caravan) rather than have to trailer - a nice arrangement.   Paula G.
13:02   More start line drama - UPDATE
It's 1:00 PM, time for the first car to leave service. But that car, John Coyne/Doug Nagy, have not appeared and are still working on the car. More as we learn their problem. John reports that the car, a Subaru Impreza, has no boost. The car has been very fast and reliable up to this event, so it's a puzzle.   Paula G.
12:53   Frazier Mountain Rally set to go live @ 1.13
Stay tuned to our live feed where we will attempt to update statuses of all the cars as they cross the finish line at the top of the mountain. We'll keep you updated LIVE with the drivers' and co-drivers' tales hot "off the press" as they pull in here. Don't touch that dial.....   Marco M.
12:44   Car 373 gets advice!
Sam Tarabay's Mitsubishi Lancer is low on power. Rhys Millen is at the car trying to analyze the problem since the cars have not yet left the first Main Time Control at the service area.   Paula G.
12:41   A look at the stage today
Erik Christiansen, car 872, reports that the stage is a little rough but with a good rally suspension you should be fine. If it's not tuned properly you could get caught out. The trees right next to the road make reading the stage tricky at the upper (top) end of the stage. Chrissie Beavis with Rhys Millen (SXS 234) says the stage is a bit rougher and tighter than they were expecting.   Paula G.
11:53   Frazier Mtn getting set up
We have 17 cars set to run the rally today. Well actually we have 12 cars and 5 UTVs getting ready to run. Recce is almost complete and the stage timing and comm teams are completing final preparations. It is a beautiful day up here at the top with the temperature in the high 60s and a gentle breeze. The road is pretty dry so dust could be issue. The first stage will be running a 2 minute gap between cars.   Marco M.