2015 Test Rally
Live Text
Fri, 17:36   Bailey on stage 3
Jason Bailey / Chris Kremer is going fast.   Mike G.
Fri, 16:52   Bailey comments
Jason Bailey / Chris Kremer is going fast.   Mike G.
20:56   Who is it
This should be me now.. No him   Jace T.
05:15   Testy Testy
shooby doo   Michel H-M
05:03   Ok, now did the timestamp get set right?
Hmmm?   Michel H-M
04:20   The editing bug is fixed!
Now on to the timestamp issue.   Michel H-M
04:19   Here's a new one after the edited one.
Let's hope it appears separately.   Michel H-M
04:19   And another new one.
This should also be a new message.   Michel H-M
04:19   One more test.
This should be an edited message.   Michel H-M
04:13   Time is reporting GMT here.
Narf.   Michel H-M
04:12   This is a new livetext.
It should not replace anything.   Michel H-M
20:21   LiveTexts appear to be working
but more testing is required.   Michel H.
20:20   This is a text from the RallyData website
It is not important.   Michel H.
03:04   Time fubared.
Bleh.   Michel H-M
18:26   Bike Ride in Bend
The Gibeaults had a very nice mountain bike ride in Bend this afternoon.   Mike G.
14:11   One more from Rob's
This is now on Mountain time zone.   Mike G.
13:57   A live text from Rob's house
Yes we are operational from Robs House   Mike G.
19:14   And from Placerville....
Yes on Mountain time!   MHM
19:07   Ok, here's another text.
Hopefully the time will be right.   MHM
21:04   It is very warm in the scoring trailer.
Only M&M's will survive.   MHM
21:01   This is a live text from Placerville!
It is very very important!   MHM
16:13   ccccccccccccccc
cccccccccccccccccc   Michel H.
16:11   bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb   Michel H.
16:09   aaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa   Michel H.