2015 High Desert Trails Rally
Live Text
18:55   Hao Yuan may continue
Hao Yuan (Car 345) changed flat and are now moving again. It has not been decided yet if they are continuing.   Karen G.
18:45   Hao Yuan off
Hao Yuan (Car 345) is off on stage with a mechanical problem.   Karen G.
18:24   Broken ball joint for Car 117
Car 117 is out with a broken ball joint.   Karen G.
18:22   Pete Pollard blockage
Pete Pollard (Car 117) is stopped at a blockage. More details to follow.   Karen G.
16:35   Cowan off Road
Andrew Cowan is off the road mid stage on stage 6 with the OK sign out.   Mike G.
16:16   Hakan Okcuoglu is off
Hakan Okcuoglu (Car 344) is off the course after the water crossing on Stage 7.   Karen G.
16:05   David Moss is off
David Moss (Car 22) is currently off the road 2 miles into Stage 6 with the OK sign out.   Karen G.
16:04   Update on Brian Scott and Chuck Wilson
Earlier in the day when Chuck Wilson (Car 15) was hanging out with Brian Scott (Car 5), it was because Chuck had stopped to see if he needed help. Chuck then looked back at his car and found to his dismay that it was on fire! One of the fans had burnt out, so they ran back and were able to put out the fire quickly.   Karen G.
16:00   Rallying with animals
It has been reported that 100 meters from the flying finish, there are 2 cows milling about, as well as a dog wandering around on the stage.   Karen G.
15:59   Dave Forman is still in it to win it
Dave Forman (Car 444) went off on Stage 6, but was able to get back on course and finish.   Karen G.
15:57   John Trucks is off course
John Trucks (Car 51) went off, but is still on course with their OK sign displayed.   Karen G.
15:16   Bret Robinson's right front flat
Bret Robinson (Car 11) had a right front flat tire that appeared to have popped off the rim and was still hissing after Stage 5.   Karen G.
15:12   Saarinens back on the road
Markus Saarinen had a broken right rear shock coming into service. They were able to repair it and get back on the road. However, their time on Stage 5 was a little slow, so it may still be affecting them.   Karen G.
15:10   update on Brian Scott
Brian Scott (Car 5) has a broken right rear control arm that could not be repaired and are out of the race.   Karen G.
15:08   Olivares out
Javier Olivares (Car 256) is out of the race due to brake issues.   Karen G.
13:26   More Info on Holmes
Bill Holmes lost his brakes on stage 1 and therefore didn't start stage 2.   Mike G.
13:00   Robinson Aerodynamics
Bret Robinson finished stage 4 with the rear hatch of his VW Golf open. The finish crew asked him if he was using it for extra down force.   Mike G.
12:52   Song damages Rear
Tingwu Song can into the finish of stage 4 with lots of toe out on the rear of the car. It turns out that the right rear lower control arm has pulled it's mount out of the uni body. They have made it to service, so we will see if they can continue.   Mike G.
12:46   update on problems with Car 695
Larry Gross (Car 695) went off on Stage 1 at a Left 3 triple caution after not slowing down enough. Then to make matters worse, they got rear-ended by the car behind them (Andrew Cowan- Car 769) and got pushed farther down. Luckily, Larry Gross' car was not damaged, but the Jetta was leaking from the radiator and they are currently working on it.   Karen G.
12:25   Rocks and heat
Thaddeus Robeck (Car 354) reports that stage 2 had lots of rocks and that it's very hot in the car with no air conditioning, but he's still happy to be running!   Karen G.
12:18   Rosners out
Chris Rosner (Car 802) is out with no sign yet displayed.   Karen G.
12:16   Brake loss for Dave Forman
Dave Forman, Car 444, was losing his brakes as he pulled to a stop after stage 2.   Karen G.
12:15   Erik and Eddie's transmission - correction
Erik Christiansen is reported as having transmission issues, so it looks like Eddie Fiorelli's transmission may not have one more rally in it. It turns out that the transmission is fine, it's just that a stock transmission sucks.   Karen G.
12:12   Update on the course
Javier Olivares reports after stage 2 that he had a hairy stage!   Karen G.
12:11   Chuck Wilson is hanging out with Brian Scott
Chuck Wilson (Car 15) is off on the side of the road at the same location as Brian Scott (Car 5).   Karen G.
12:09   Rough stages
David Easter (Car 14) reports after stage 2 that the course is brutal!   Karen G.
12:03   Brian Scott has gone off
Brian Scott (Car 5) is off on the side of the road with the OK sign displayed.   Karen G.
12:02   John Trucks' flat tire
John Trucks (Car 51) has a flat tire with a hanging rear bumper.   Karen G.
12:01   Todd McAllister's good day
Todd McAllister reports having some nice stages!   Karen G.
11:59   Hao Yuan needed a jump start
Hao Yuan (Car 345)'s engine died on the way out of the control zone and had to be jump started to continue   Karen G.
11:57   Tingwu Song, the speed demon
Tingwu Song (Car 95) was going so fast on stage 2 that he blew his mud flaps off!   Karen G.
11:42   Bill Holmes Out
It has been reported that Bill Holmes is out with a mechanical problem. We will provide more details as they arrive.   Karen G.
11:40   Car 695 has gone off
Larry Gross is off on the side of the road on stage 1 at triple caution (where it turns from dirt to paved road) with OK sign displayed.   Karen G.
11:24   Potential problem for Eddie Fiorelli?
Eddie Fiorelli was checking the rear end of his car at the end of the first stage.   Karen G.
11:07   Yuan Bump Starts
Hao Yuan was unable to start his car at the start of the first stage, so he had to bump start it as he rolled down the hill. The co-driver had to get out and push the car to get to the down hill. Fortunately the start of the stage was just before said down hill.   Mike G.
10:45   First stage has started
The first stage started at 10:43 (30 minutes late), due to a delay in getting the first stage set up and ready to run. 29 cars are set to start under a nice sunny sky. It should be a nice day with a slight breeze to keep the dust from being a problem.   Mike G.
16:41   Eddie's wandering transmission
Erik Christiansen (Car 872) discovered on Wednesday night that he was having transmission troubles. He is currently installing a transmission that is on loan from Eddie Fiorelli (Car 726). This same transmission was also borrowed by Chrissie Beavis (Car 340) at Prescott, when she discovered the Wednesday night before the rally that she was having transmission troubles. Hopefully Eddie's transmission will result in as good of a rally for Erik as it did for Chrissie!   Karen G.
22:46   Strong Field for HDT
This week end's High Desert Trails Rally has a strong field, with 30 cars on the entry list. You can check out the teams at: http://nasarallysport.com/results/2015-High-Desert-Trails-Rally-registration-entry-list.htm   Mike G.
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RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the High Desert Trails Rally as the action unfolds during the day. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description of what's happening. So come back Saturday morning (May 2) after 10:30 AM to find out what's happening.   Mike G.